MAT Wales

More able and talented

Too few local authorities actively promote sharing best practice between schools about supporting more able and talented pupils.” (Estyn 2011)

The More Able and Talented Professional Learning Community in Pembrokeshire has been created to develop and disseminate innovative and interesting practice between schools and provide leadership and expertise at and beyond network meetings. Welsh school inspection reports published between 2008 and 2010 suggest that, although most schools are aware of the need to raise standards and make better provision for their more able and talented pupils, this is often an area of weakness.

This website provides training opportunities for school leaders, teachers and support staff on how to address the needs of more able and talented pupils. The PLC has already addressed issues such as ways to think about improving differentiation, creating more independent learners and higher order thinking skills. In addition, there has been a focus on practical strategies that work across schools and in classrooms. There has been a focus on the identification of underachievement (including FSM) and more effective provision, as well as on adapting institutional quality standards to better audit what is being achieved in schools.

There is a strong focus in the website looking at effective online CPD opportunities for teachers, school leaders and officers to develop sector leading practice for MAT pupils. This PLC will continue to work with schools to provide guidance materials and information for parents and teachers of more able and talented pupils regarding professional dialogue, teaching and learning, collaboration between schools and authorities, inclusivity and A* and level 6 performance. Smart learners are smart all the time, not just after school or in their holidays. What really makes a difference is MAT provision within lessons. It is therefore essential to ensure that all staff target and extend MAT pupils during all lessons with the clear recognition that all teachers are teachers of the more able.

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